eBuds Roadmap for 2023 and beyond.


Was launched in February 2022 as an experiment, with the goal of creating 1000 unique NFTs, 10,000,000 tokens, and 1000 days of creation. Our target for transactions is 1,000,000, and we are committed to pushing the Elrond blockchain forward with our project.

2022 tx target: 1000tx (result: +4000tx)
2023 tx target: 10,000 tx (To Be Announced)
2024 tx target: 100,000 tx (TBA)
2025 tx target: 1,000,000 tx (TBA)

We invite the entire Elrond community to join us, and become a part of the eBuds community. We are working on a Discord server and will announce when it’s ready. Let’s start 2023 with the same objectives but a new, more transparent development plan. We are ready for xPortal,xFabric,xWorlds.




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