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Legal Disclaimer

2 min readJun 1, 2022


Nothing in this White Paper should be treated or read as a guarantee or promise of how the token will develop or the value of the token.

This White Paper outlines only our vision, current project status and our plans.

Why eBuds?

Because they are really powerful, considered taboo subject by many, they are indubitably very popular all around the world. Love or hate them, these eBuds are here to stay.

eBuds NFT(BUD-3ee0cf)

There are 943 eBuds left to be minted on isengard.market.

  • First 100 eBuds can be minted at the price of 0.07EGLD, after that the price will increase with 0.01EGLD for every 100 eBuds minted.

We don’t rely on funds from minting. There’s no team allocation for this project.

ElrondBuds Token(EBUD-d29cce)

Total supply : 10.000.000


100% of Token supply is distributed through Eneftor NFT staking smart-contract over a period of ~3 years. There’s no team allocation for this either.

What’s next?… eBudsDAO

The three main goals of eBudsDAO are:
•Enabling community initiatives and projects into utilities — if aligned with our vibe;
• Rewarding NFT holders through Maiar Metabonding and JexExchange Staking;
• Encouraging the community to vote and participate in project decisions;

With plans of becoming a decentralized autonomous organization
(DAO), ElrondBuds aims to create something bigger and more powerful than ever,a place where is no king and no entity has the keys to the kingdom.

To achive this it requires exceptional people, not money.

We will do our fair share to contribute to the decentralization process.